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Ciao! this is going to be a blog mainly focused on my study abroad trip in rome, but it will also be just about other random things I feel like posting. I am a 18 year old female from San Francisco, CA but I will soon be a resident of Rome, Italy :)) There may also be some fitness/health related posts because I am very into exercising and eating healthy

some photos from my first two weeks in italy with my mom and cousin, they came to spend some time with me before i moved into my apartment and began classes. we traveled around rome like tourists, doing tours, eating everything in sight, drinking bottles not bottle but bottles of vino, and just enjoying everything about rome.

SO like every other blog or journal i’ve attempted to keep up with, I FAILED. hahaha i stayed home from school today so i’ve decided instead of laying around I’m going to do something productive and that is to attempt summing up my two months living in rome, spring break in lisbon, and then start of giving more details on my last two months living here in florence. This is a blog also dedicated to my recovery from my eating disorder, my¬†dedication to health/fitness¬†and a blog on my life and journey throughout italy. I’m going to upload some picture, then throughout the week I will be posting stories on some key events that have happened here in italy!

ciao ;)